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Welcome to RoyalPalaces.com my encyclopedia of British Royal Palaces and royal builders. We know of around 150 places in Britain that were royal houses at one time or another from the Saxons to the present day. This website is continually being updated as new evidence comes to light and new entries are being added all the time.

Simon Thurley

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I have made royal residences my life’s study and have written more than 12 books and scores of articles on the subject. Many people have no idea that they live near a royal site and I hope RoyalPalaces.com will inspire people to discover places they have never explored before.

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Simon Thurley

Palaces of Revolution: Life, Death and Art at the Stuart Court

My latest book, Palaces of Revolution: Life, Death and Art at the Stuart Court is out now in hardback and available on Amazon.

A sequel to my book Houses of Power: The places that shaped the Tudor World, this is a new history of the Stuart monarchy told through the palaces that they constructed and the art that they commissioned and acquired.

"an important addition to knowledge not merely for historians of art and architecture but for all people interested in the Stuart period in general… a splendid achievement, which serves several different branches of history at once, as well as those who appreciate a clear and lively literary style." - Professor Ronald Hutton, Times Literary Supplement

"A Hugely impressive, readable book… a huge accomplishment" - John Goodall, Country Life

"Admirably readable… lively and authoritative… Simon Thurley probably knows more about palaces of the 16th and 17th century than anyone alive" - Andrew Taylor, The Times

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Houses of Power

Simon Thurley picks through architectural digs, examines financial accounts, plans and drawings to reconstruct the great Tudor houses and understand how they shaped their lives.

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